How can I gain relevant experience in the field of finance?

Experience can be acquired within a financial cooperative institution or a bank. That includes a Desjardins Group financial cooperative, a Desjardins Business Centre, any Desjardins Group component or subsidiary related to DID's areas of intervention.

Is Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status a requirement for working at DID ?

Canadian citizenship, permanent resident status or a work permit for Canada are required to obtain a job at the head office or on projects financed by the Government of Canada. If a job position is offered abroad and is for a project financed by a donor agency other than the Canadian Government, these conditions do not apply.

Does DID offer internships? How should I submit an application ?

Internships are available at DID. However, the number and type of internships are very limited and there are no budgets available to pay interns. Please email internship requests to rh@did.qc.ca and provide the following information :

  • Reasons for your request and desired context for internship
  • The goal or subject that you wish to explore through an internship
  • Desired length and dates of internship
  • Date by which you would like to receive a response from DID
  • Your curriculum vitae.

Does DID offer a volunteer cooperative worker program? ?

No, DID does not offer a volunteer cooperative worker program in the countries where it operates. This is because expertise in the financial field and professional experience are required for the assistance which DID delivers to its partner financial institutions.