Left to right: Cathrine Gauvin (intern-Tunisia), Maude Loiselle (intern-Haiti), Claudia Pearson (intern-Tunisia), Kathrine Kroft Pelletier (intern-Haiti) and Nader Mustapha (intern-Vietnam)

A few days before their departure for Haiti, Tunisia and Vietnam, our five DID international interns attended a pre-departure training session at DID. These young professionals will take part in internships lasting 3 to 4 months and will be called on to collaborate in carrying out our projects that involve gender equality, finance and accounting, research and analysis and communications.

Keep up with DID efforts around the world! Read about our interns and track their contributions and adventures on our soon-to-be-released Intern Blog.

DID International Internship Program

This internship program applies to you if you …

  • aspire to an international career or wish to become familiar with international development;
  • wish to contribute to efforts aimed at fostering financial inclusion in emerging and developing countries and improving livelihoods in those countries;
  • enjoy working on a team and building relationships quickly;
  • possess a good capacity for adaptation and are open to the world;
  • demonstrate discipline and professionalism;
  • are eligible to work in Canada.

An international internship will allow you to:

  • contribute to reaching the goals of projects implemented by DID and its local partners;
  • acquire work experience abroad in the field of international development and make a difference;
  • improve your employment prospects: this experience will enable most former interns to find a job in their field;
  • development knowledge and skills;
  • familiarize yourself with the main issues facing international development;
  • improve your language skillss.

What we cover includes:

  • a stipend to cover essential expenses;
  • expenses for vaccinations, medical appointments, required vaccines and prescribed preventive medications;
  • lodging in the host country;
  • a round-trip plane ticket, visa, work permit, etc.;
  • pre- and post-assignment training;
  • coaching and supervision for the entire internship.

International Internships Opportunities Abroad

Assignments open

No internships are currently available. Five internships will be available in 2019. Stay informed by following our Facebook page.