DID restructures for greater impact and efficiency

February 7, 2017

From left to right:  Martin Ruel, Jocelyn Leclerc and Gerardo Almaguer


The DID management team is pleased to welcome three new senior directors who, in the coming months, will support the deployment of a revamped organizational structure. The changes made to our structure are aimed, in particular, at improving the synergy of our base activities in relation to significant evolution in our business environment. 

Technical assistance mandates now fall under the responsibility of Gerardo Almaguer, Senior Director for Agricultural Finance and Food Security, and Martin Ruel, Senior Director for Inclusive Finance. Together, these two managers will oversee successful execution of our numerous projects by utilizing DID's expertise and toolkits. They will also contribute to the development of the portfolio of mandates in their respective sectors of intervention.  Gerardo Almaguer and Martin Ruel previously both held positions related to DID project management.

The two branches being set up replace the Branch for Consulting Expertise where Yvon Bernier retired in December 2016 after having worked at DID for thirty years.

Under the leadership of Jocelyn Leclerc, the new Development, Innovation and Communications Branch will have the mission of developing synergy among the activities related to research and development (including technological development), market development, evaluation and communications by increasing the contribution of these activities to project execution. Before coming to DID, Jocelyn Leclerc worked for a number of years as a consultant in business management and strategy.

These changes are aimed at strengthening the capacity at DID to fulfill its mission which has not changed, namely, to increase empowerment among disadvantaged populations by facilitating access to a diverse range of financial services and by developing individual and community assets.