EFC Uganda is designated Best employer of the year, SME category

September 28, 2017

On September 20, the Entrepreneur Financial Centre set up by Développement international Desjardins (DID) in Uganda (EFC Uganda) was awarded the first prize in the SME category at the most recent Employer of the Year Awards ceremony. Placed under the theme “HR Analytics: Using people data to create value”, this event was organized by the Federation of Uganda Employers. A total of 91 companies were competing in the various categories displayed. 

EFC Uganda won in its category because of its ability to drive innovation and competition in the SME sector. The institution was rated and compared to other leading SMEs based on employment skills, HR practices, approaches towards nurturing talented employees and provision of development opportunities. 

Good practices that yield good results

EFC Uganda uses performance data to identify employees who are consistently performing well as experts. During the on-boarding program of new recruits, the identified experts are requested to share their experience with them. In addition, new recruits are paired with experts as trainees for coaching and mentoring. As a result, 50% of the new employees that have bees assigned to excelling employees for mentoring last year were able to meet their targets within the first three months of their employment. 

Two events have further enabled EFC Uganda to demonstrate concretely how it cares for its employees:

  • EFC staff recently contributed funds to buy a bike from a custodian who had to walk a long distance to come to work because he could not afford to pay for public transportation. Thanks to his new bike, he never had to be absent again.
  • To allow one of its employees to continue to work despite a difficult pregnancy that required her to stay in bed, EFC Uganda offered her a computer and all the necessary equipment to enable her to safely continue her work from home and avoid giving up her income. 

“As an organization, we take pride in developing our staff through training and providing them with the required tools and atmosphere to enhance human capital as a competitive advantage and to enable us achieve our vision of being the preferred financial services provider for entrepreneurs in Uganda”, stated Claude Lafond, Managing Director at EFC Uganda. 

About EFC Uganda

EFC Uganda opened its doors in January 2012 with less than 10 employees. Today, the institution has 112 employees and nine points of service in total. It serves 5097 client entrepreneurs, of which 35% are women.