Employees in the field for Coop Week

November 1, 2019

As part of Coop Week, roughly 20 Desjardins International Development (DID) employees volunteered to spend a day working in the fields on behalf of Moissonneurs Solidaires.  The DID team harvested a total of 12,000 pounds of leeks on that day for subsequent distribution to organizations and food banks throughout Quebec.

The organization Les Moissonneurs Solidaires places its farmland at the disposal of Quebec’s food banks to provide them with regular, adequate support in the form of fresh, high quality foodstuffs.  Each year, more than 1,500 people come from around Quebec to harvest vegetables, prepare them for shipping to food banks and be a part of a remarkable project. 

The Moissonneurs Solidaires’s distribution network reaches more than 12 “Harvest” organizations in the province of Quebec, which, in turn, redistribute the vegetables to meet the hundreds of thousands of requests for food assistance received monthly, of which more than 35% are aimed at children.