Joining efforts to promote gender equality

June 3, 2019

June 3 to 6, Gerardo Almaguer, DID’s CEO, and Lionel Pellizzari, Senior Director, Development and Innovation at DID, are attending the Women Deliver Conference in Vancouver. This is the biggest international conference dedicated to gender equality and the health, rights and wellbeing of girls and women. 

The Women Deliver 2019 Conference addresses several issues related to women's power in order to accelerate progress in favour of girls and women around the world: a reflection to which DID wishes to actively contribute. 

As a development actor, DID has elaborated a participatory and transparent approach aimed at integrating gender equality into all its programmes and projects.

DID initiatives support the development of inclusive and egalitarian financial systems that allow everyone—men and women alike—to overcome restrictions on the access and use of financial products and services and to improve their living conditions fairly and equally.

By working with women themselves, financial institutions as well as the environment in which they evolve, DID believes its approach can be truly transformative: the goal is to shift the balance of power in the political, social, economic and cultural systems that perpetuate gender discrimination and inequality and to improve women’s economic empowerment.

DID’s approach also involves various actors and the creation of innovative partnerships, including with men and boys, financial institutions, players in digital finance, women’s rights organizations, farmers’ organizations, the private sector, governments, community stakeholders, etc.

It is by working on the whole ecosystem in which men and women evolve that our financial inclusion strategy can have a real impact on strengthening women's economic power, promoting gender equality and reducing poverty. 

There are many ways to promote women's access to power and decision-making. DID has been bringing its contribution for many years. Initiatives such as the Women Deliver Conference will undoubtedly help us explore new avenues and deepen our reflection on this important issue. 

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