Tunisia to be the destination of the 2019 Proxfin meetings

December 12, 2018

At their recent Annual general meeting, held on Thursday, October 25 in Montreal, DID partners gathered in the Proxfin international network agreed to hold their next annual meeting in Tunisia, on the topic of financial and non-financial services to entrepreneurs. A member of Proxfin since 2016, the Entrepreneur Financial Center (EFC) of Tunisia will be hosting the event.

The Annual general assembly also entrusted the chairmanship of the Association to Mr. Radhi Meddeb, Chairman of the Board of EFC Tunisia. Himself a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Meddeb is also a member of several boards of directors, think tanks and public organizations as well as the author of numerous publications. As Chairman of Proxfin, he will be closely associated with the organization of the 2019 meetings.