In developing countries, financial exclusion, poverty and food insecurity too often wear a woman's face, despite a major contribution by women to the economic development of their community.

Gender equality is therefore a fundamental development value for Développement international Desjardins (DID).

DID has established a participative and transparent approach to integrate gender equality into all its programs and projects, in order to:

  • encourage participation by women in the sustainable economic development of their communities as both actors and decision makers on an equal footing with men, and
  • contribute to the reduction of inequalities between women and men regarding access to resources and the benefits of development and their control.

Our expertise

  • Gender-based analysis.
  • Elaboration of gender equality strategies specific to the context and problems encountered.
  • Monitoring of activities and results.
  • Evaluation of results and impacts
  • Knowledge sharing.

Adapted tools

  • Financial products adapted to the needs and realities of women.
  • Technological solutions that facilitate access to financial products and services by women.
  • Training and awareness programs.
  • Audit and impact assessment tools.

See also DID’s Reference Framework on Gender Equality.

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