Support for financing Panamanian entrepreneurs working in the formal and informal sectors (CFE Panama) Country: Panama

Financial Partners

  • Global Affairs Canada

Project Implementation Partners

  • CFE-Panama

Project Description

This project is intended to improve access to financial services for Panamanian small-scale entrepreneurs and to encourage the development of community-based wealth through the creation of value from increased economic activity by the entrepreneurs financed and by the mobilization of savings and collective ownership. The activities included in the project are aimed at training employees as well as at the adaptation, implementation and deployment of new tools and methodologies/technologies.  The project will provide short-term assistance aimed at sustaining and optimizing the financial products and services delivered to entrepreneurs in this country. It will also provide direct financial support to the partner in order to deliver support for institutional strengthening, development and deployment.  Lastly, the project will lead to the outlining of guidelines for the methodology and the mechanisms used to facilitate ownership of property by Panamanian entrepreneurs and clients.