Support for the agricultural finance system in Colombia Country: Colombie

Financial Partners

  • Global Affairs Canada

Associated Firm(s)

  • Financière agricole du Québec - Développement international (FADQDI)

Project Description

This project is aimed at reducing poverty in rural areas and promoting sustainable economic development in rural areas in Colombia. More specifically, it will contribute to the development of the Colombian agricultural sector by facilitating access by men and women farmers to the three levers of development that are indispensable to their productivity, namely financial literacy, financing and insurance.

This initiative is aimed directly at men and women smallholders and the financial institutions active in farm credit, including Coopcentral, Banco Agrario, FINAGRO and various other private microfinance institutions. The farmers and farmer associations will receive technical assistance allowing them to increase their contribution to the economic development and food security of their country while, at the same time, improving their living conditions and that of the community as a whole. For their part, the financial institutions will be equipped to respond to the needs of the farmers better and to optimize management of their procedures.

Upon completion of this project, which is national in scope and has an outreach affecting all actors at all levels, both public and private, the completed transfer of expertise will enable consolidation of the Colombian agricultural finance and risk management system by allowing it to respond more adequately to farmers’ needs. Farmers will possess greater financial knowledge, thus helping them to manage their enterprises better. 

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