Activity report

Each year, DID publishes a report of its activities and the results attained by its partners, who distinguish themselves by their ongoing efforts to improve their financial and social performance.

2017 Annual Review

Discover DID's main achievements in 2017!

2016 Annual Review

Discover the initiatives carried out by DID in 2016 to promote the achievement of food security, economic growth and several other Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.

2015 Annual Review

A brief overview of 2015 in which DID presents the main projects it has carried out to support agricultural development and entrepreneurship, among others.

Activity Report 2014

This annual review offers a concise and illustrated presentation of DID's three means of leverage for development along with our main accomplishments in 2014.

2013 – A Year in Review

Richly illustrated, this document highlights the diversity of DID intervention throughout 2013 alongside its partners in organizing the microfinance sector and expanding access to financial services for all.

Activity Report 2012

This report describes our achievements over the last year regarding the three types of leverage we use : technical assistance, investment and the establishment and operation of Entrepreneur Financial Centres (EFC).
Language : Français (2.6 Mo) English (2.3 Mo) Español (2.4 Mo)

Activity Report 2011

This annual report presents the main achievements of DID and its numerous partners in 2011.
Language : Français (1.9 Mo) English (1.9 Mo) Español (2.7 Mo)

Activity Report 2010

Under the theme « We believe that sharing the cooperative model will help change the world », this annual report presents DID’s major accomplishments in 2010, which marked the organization’s fortieth anniversary.
Language : Français (2.4 Mo) English (2.4 Mo) Español (2.4 Mo)

Activity Report 2009

This report illustrates DID’s accomplishments in 2009 in agricultural finance, insurance, financing for entrepreneurs, school loans, training, housing finance and technological solutions.
Language : Français (3.91 Mo) English (1.75 Mo) Español (3.46 Mo)

Activity Report 2008

Discover DID’s main accomplishments in technologies, housing finance, training, agricultural finance, business finance, insurance, start up and consolidation of financial institutions.
Language : Français (2.1 Mo) Español (2.1 Mo)