Finance and Communities bulletin

Finance & Communities highlights the achievements of DID partner institutions located in twenty developing countries, along with their innovations and the challenges they face in developing community finance in their countries.

Vol. 15 No.1 – January 2014

  • Financing for entrepreneurs drives growth and development
  • Outstanding Partners: Maïga Aminata Santara Loku et Bandara Abeysinghe
  • CoopCentral earns status as cooperative bank
  • Best SME in Zambia : EFC Zambia honoured by Zambia Institute of Marketing
  • The Caribbean : MicroFinance Alliance presents Microentrepreneurship Awards
  • Cameroon: DID obtains new mandate from United Nations to support development of rural microfinance
  • Stratego now has integrated visualization capability
  • Leaders of Asian financial cooperatives meet in Nepal
  • FENACREP holds its seventh annual meeting with branding as the conference theme
  • Proxfin members to take part in the Second International Summit of Cooperatives
  • Evaluation conducted by the Government of Canada confirms positive impact of cooperatives on development
  • Proxfin members pledge to improve access to financing for small enterprise
  • Proxfin welcomes a new member
  • Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan: DID shows solidarity with people of the Philippines
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Vol. 14 No. 2 - July 2013

  • Putting microfinance at the service of food security
  • Outstanding Partners: Rafaela Jara de Martinez, and Tasilo Joseph Mahuwi
  • The SYFAAH project in Haiti: Encouraging
  • Results Democratic Republic of the Congo: The central bank strengthens its practices
  • EFC Zambia: Positive results… and unexpected benefits
  • Intercoop transactions: A service increasingly in demand
  • East Africa: Conference on professionalizing agricultural finance
  • FECECAM in Benin: a year of strong growth
  • Proxfin: Partner assistance Program
  • Next annual seminar: Focus on financing for entrepreneurs
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Vol. 14 No 1 - January 2013

  • A look back at the International Year of Cooperatives
  • Outstanding Partners:
  • Collecting savings daily: An outreach service that clearly meets the needs of members
  • Investment: Strong growth for investments and new partnerships
  • Burkina Faso: The RCPB celebrates its 40th year
  • Agricultural finance: Phase III of the project to professionalize agricultural credit methodologies is launched
  • English-speaking Caribbean and Panama: DID entrusted with continuation of major support project to strengthen microfinance
  • Prime Minister of Canada meets with a DID representative in Dakar
  • International Summit of Cooperatives: Five representatives from Proxfin share their experience
  • The financial cooperatives of Latin America hold their biannual meeting
  • The members of Proxfin endorse the Declaration on Cooperatives
  • Proxfin : New management Committee
  • Proxfin welcomes five new observer members
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Vol. 13 No 2 - July 2012

  • The cooperative model in microfinance: more current and pertinent than ever
  • Outstanding Partners: Sékou Camara and Vo Minh Huong
  • DID partner EFCs take their place in the world of microfinance
  • A decade of technological developments
  • Proxfin representatives participate in the annual forum of the Russian Credit Union League
  • Marisol Quirion, from DID, represents Canada at G-20Y in Mexico
  • A showcase for cooperative success stories (Stories.Coop)
  • The members of Proxfin: leaders in microfinance
  • Five Proxfin members will be speakers at the International Summit of Cooperatives
  • Sigitas Bubnys steps down as Proxfin Chair
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Vol. 13 No 1 - January 2012

  • Celebrating cooperation in 2012
  • Outstanding Partners: Aoua Sawadogo and Eduardo Yunda
  • Senegal: CTISN Data Processing Centre to become a permanent, self-sustaining local institution
  • Partnership Fund: DID supports development of CENCOPAN with a three-year loan
  • Mali: The number of inter-coop transactions skyrockets
  • To support development of microfinance around the world: Desjardins establishes new investment fund
  • Proxfin and DID represented at 5th Mont-Blanc Meetings
  • Fifth international seminar: Members state their commitment to making housing more accessible
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Vol. 12 No 2 - July 2011

  • Deterring excesses in microfinance by using the cooperative formula
  • Desjardins Group welcomes cooperatives from around the world in 2012
  • Outstanding Partners
  • Client share ownership programme in Zambia delivers promising results
  • The Le Levier federation of financial cooperatives gets back on its feet after the 2010 earthquake
  • Drawing on shared experience
  • New multi-year with agreement with CIDA
  • Building a framework for the agricultural sector in Haiti
  • The strengths of cooperatives are highlighted in Paraguay and Italy
  • Montreal Conference addresses the issue of food security
  • Proxfin members endorse the Smart Campaign
  • Housing finance the theme of next Proxfin international seminar
  • Proxfin Management Committee meeting in Quebec City
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Vol. 12 No 2 - January 2011

  • Development of cross-cutting projects: at the core of the partner relationship
  • DID: Québec pioneer in microfinance
  • DID announces two new policy statements
  • Innovation at the core of agricultural development strategies
  • Tosepantomin: savings as a solution for development
  • Benin: the microfinance sector sets its sights high
  • English-speaking Caribbean: structuring microfinance credit services
  • DID honours four partner microfinance networks
  • Proxfin addresses the importance of microfinance in developing food security
  • Nyèsigiso celebrates its 20th anniversary
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Vol. 11 No 2 - July 2010

  • DID celebrates its 40th anniversary!
  • International seminar on food security
  • Outstanding Partners
  • Zambia: Smart cards for all clients of the PFSL CFE
  • Stratego: A new business intelligence tool for microfinance
  • Exchange visit: Two Proxfin member networks discuss their best practices
  • Panama: Credit for entrepreneurs thanks to the Centro Financiero Empresarial
  • Haiti: the challenge of reconstruction for the financial cooperatives
  • Jocelyn St-Jean addresses the Annual General Meeting of the Desjardins Group
  • Proxfin takes part in the Microfinance Centre (MFC) Conference in Kazakhstan
  • Proxfin focuses on food security
  • Proxfin declaration on the financial crisis
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Vol. 11 No 1 - January 2010

Third Proxfin international seminar reaffirms relevance of the Proxfin network and scope of its members' influence; DID's 40th anniversary in 2010; Outstanding Partners: Kossi Koudahé, Director of the COOPEC SOLIDARITÉ in Lomé; Amourata Maïga, Director of the Nyèsigiso financial cooperative of Bamako Centre; Jocelyn St-Jean, Director General of the Le Levier federation of financial cooperatives; Leading the way in Senegal: financial coops computerized with SAF over the Web; Intercoop transactions: Sizeable support for private sector development; Russia amends legislation on financial cooperatives; Fair trade coffee coop from Chiapas now supplies Desjardins Group; DID invited to assist development of microfinance sector in West Africa; DID joins with AECOM to support rural development in Burkina Faso; DID advisor honoured in Lithuania; After four years as ICMIF Development Committee Chair, Anne Gaboury hands the seat to Nelson Kuria of Kenya; DID joins US $21 million investment in FINCA international fund; Account of the third Proxfin international seminar on the impact of the financial crisis; Two new members join Proxfin
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Vol. 10 No. 02 – July 2009

Act locally, cooperate and innovate to better face the economic crisis; Nomination of Josée St-Hilaire as Senior Director for Developments; Outstanding partners: Marina Kokhanova, Deputy Director of the National Union of Non-Commercial Organizations for Mutual Financial Aid in Russia; Zambia: entrepreneurs better equipped for growth thanks to the PFSL CFE; Two partner networks honoured by their country; CIC Kenya visits Desjardins; Well deserved certification for the Le Levier Federation; Nyèsigiso: services for the handicapped; Housing finance: three networks equip themselves for better risk management; SANASA CEO addresses managers and directors of the Desjardins Group; CGAP designates a DID initiative as one of the highlights of 2008; DID chairman visits Haiti; Gender equity: a priority that is more relevant than ever.
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Vol. 10 No. 01 – January 2009

Social performance, a core concern for PROXFIN member networks; Pierre Émond retires; Outstanding partners: Mamadou Touré and Alpha Ouédraogo; SANASA develops an agricultural insurance product; Republic of Djibouti: a promising start for the CNEC; Algeria: a savings and credit coop at SONATRACH; Vietnam: interconnectivity serving rural development; Book launch : microfinance in West Africa: challenges and innovations; Paraguay: a member of a cooperative affiliated with Cencopan honoured by the IDB; Social performance: a strategic factor in the cooperative difference for PROXFIN members as cooperative financial institutions.
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