DID updates its Reference Framework on Gender Equality (GE)

In developing countries, financial exclusion, poverty and food insecurity too often wear a woman's face, despite a major contribution by women to the economic development of their community.

Gender equality is therefore a fundamental development value for Développement international Desjardins (DID).

Indeed, DID firmly believes that it has a role to play:

  • in encouraging participation by women in the sustainable economic development of their communities as both actors and decision makers on an equal footing with men, and

  • in contributing to the reduction of inequalities between women and men regarding access to resources and the benefits of development and their control.

This is why DID has updated its Reference Framework on Gender Equality (GE). The document draws on the strategies tested by DID and its partners over the past 45 years and is based on the lessons learned from these real-life experiences.

Highlights include

  • DID's positions on GE

  • the approach proposed by DID to ensure complete integration of GE into its projects and institutional behaviour

  • the four types of leverage employed by DID in its programs.

For further reading, consult the summary sheet produced by DID concerning equality between women and men.